About Bill Marson

Living in the American Southwest is a photographer’s dream. I’ve spent many a day shooting the awe-inspiring natural landscapes at the nearby Grand Canyon, Sedona, Zion National Park and Monument Valley. I also love to travel, and have been to other National Parks here in the U.S., as well as many locations abroad. Most recently, I traveled to Kenya's Maasai Mara to experience the Great Wildebeest Migration -- an experience that focused my nature photography passion on the exciting world of wildlife.

It’s a wondrous experience for a guy whose primary profession is a IT Executive! Of course, I derive as much or more pleasure from capturing everyday people as I do zooming in on natural wonders. I love to use my photographic skills to create headshots and portraits of anyone from artists to athletes, from employees at large and small companies to individuals needing just the right look for their social media profiles.

I never planned on becoming a photographer, but a passion for photography runs in my family. My grandfather was a photography enthusiast and educator. As kids, my brother and I were his favorite subjects; especially during our various sporting and music events, as well as our memorable fly-fishing outings on Long Island.

Once I picked up my first Nikon DSLR camera in 2007, I never looked back. I dove into studying exposure, lighting, and posing, as well as advanced post-processing and retouching techniques. I traveled the world to study with some of the best photographers, and I’ve upgraded my equipment to maximize the latest trends in photographic technology. I’m fascinated by the creative process of photo blending and panoramic photography, combining multiple exposures of the same scene.

As this hobby has evolved into a passion, I’ve also spent time shooting high school seniors, concerts in Las Vegas, and even pets! As I continue to grow as a photographer, I embrace each new opportunity to photograph landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife, or people. I will travel anywhere across the US and beyond to meet your photography needs.

Oh, and when you get to know me, feel free to ask me about that book I wrote about my unexpected experience with the hit Reality TV show Survivor!